[1] Do not troll, harass, or bully other players
[2] Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname
[3] Do not reveal Real Life information, especially home addresses
[4] Do not break the Mojang Terms of Services or engage in illegal actions
[5] Do not scam other players either on the Forums or in-Game
[6] Do not engage in political, religious, sensitive, or inappropriate topics in public chat
[7] Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form
[8] Do not cause drama in public chats
[9] Do not advertise competing servers either in public or private chat
[10] Do not use a glitch to your advantage, and report any glitches you find
[11] Do not use Cheats or Hacked Clients to your advantage, and report those who do
[12] If you have a problem with Staff or Players, report them on the Forum